Brandyn Webster
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As an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer my goal is to help you live happier and healthier thru positive lifestyle practices.  I believe that begins with being as active as possible.  No matter your age or fitness level, I will meet you right where you are, help you feel better and reach your personal fitness goals. 
I have a strong educational background with a BS degree in Exercise, Sport and Health Education and have been an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer since 2005, a Health Coach since 2013 and an MMA Conditioning Specialist since 2016.  Along with owning WellFit Richmond, I also have over fifteen years of professional experience in the Health/Fitness field.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my fiance, two sons and our many pets, working out, playing and coaching various sports, cooking, reading, and watching good movies. 



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