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Brandyn Webster, Personal Trainer
Thomas Robinson, Personal Trainer
Brandyn Webster
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As an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer my goal is to help you live happier and healthier by making and maintaining practical and beneficial lifestyle changes.  I believe that begins with being as active as possible.  No matter your age or fitness level, I will meet you right where you are, help you feel better, increase your energy levels, stay positive and reach your personal fitness goals.  We will do it together!  I am not anywhere close to a drill sergeant, in fact, kind of the opposite. I prefer a functional training approach in a comfortable environment that will help you improve your day-to-day movement, strength, cardio, flexibility, balance, coordination, energy and mood.  We can talk, laugh and have fun while you get a great workout and I can almost guarantee you'll leave each workout feeling better than before you came.  
I have a strong educational background with a BS degree in Exercise, Sport and Health Education and have been an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer since 2005, a Health Coach since 2013 and a Conditioning Specialist since 2016.  Along with owning WellFit Richmond, I also have over nineteen years of professional experience in the Health/Fitness field and stay up to date with annual continued education courses and research on the latest health and fitness trends.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my fiance, two sons and our pets, working out (especially strength training), walking/hiking, playing various sports, cooking, reading, and watching good movies. 


Thomas Robinson
Thomas has been a certified personal trainer since 2005. His years of experience have qualified him to train all age groups and fitness levels from seniors to fitness professionals. He attends  fitness conventions annually for continuing education and the latest in fitness trends. His constant pursuit of result based workouts led Thomas to develop his own unique brand of kickboxing and core-centric workout ASS@ult.  Clients enjoy his philosophy of fun, progressive, innovative exercises.
Thomas pioneered functional training before it became a buzzword in the fitness industry. His approach to the three dimensional full body workouts will be just as beneficial for you in 30 years as they are now. His dynamic fitness philosophies promote the mind and body connection. Thomas's thoughtful approach to engaging multiple muscle groups and incorporating balance and other components, streamlines results in a shorter period of time.
Always in pursuit of knowledge, Thomas studies holistic approaches to functional training and combines fitness with human developmental behavioral patters and instincts. Understanding that most people who seek assistance in there workouts are usually bored with their own routines come and try Thomas' different approaches for awesome results.

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