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Massage Therapy with:
Sara Rennie & Jennie Meharg

Call 804-241-8425 to schedule an appointment with Sara.

Call 804-683-0409 to schedule an appointment with Jennie.


Price List:

120 Minute Massage/Bodywork:  $150

30 Minute Massage/Bodywork:  $45

30 Minute Seated Chair Massage:  $45

45 Minute Seated Chair Massage:  $60

60 Minute Massage/Bodywork:  $75

90 Minute Massage/Bodywork:  $120

Travel Fee for Out-call Session:  $25





In addition to traditional massage techniques for general wellness, Sara offers advanced bodywork techniques including:


- neuromuscular therapy

- trigger point therapy

- myofascial therapy

- lymphatic drainage therapy

- cranial sacral therapy

- reflexology

Sara Rennie,  LMT

Therapeutic Medical Massage Practitioner 

Department of Health Professions - Board of Nursing - Licensed Massage Therapist

License #:  0019005981


Sara is a Virginia native, born in Richmond and now lives in Williamsburg, VA.  After nearly 20 years in medical healthcare administration, Sara chose to go back to school for massage therapy.  With her years of working with pain management healthcare practitioners, she has experience working with and understanding many conditions which create acute and chronic pain and immobility to include those receiving active treatment for cancer diagnoses and survivors. 

She attended school for massage therapy in Richmond, VA and has taught Massage Theory & Practice; Anatomy/Physiology/Kinesiology/Pathology for the Massage Therapist; as well as continuing education programs for fascia release therapy; lymphatic drainage and muscle energy techniques in Central Virginia and Northern Virginia. 

She has practiced for over 13 years and has enjoyed working with a variety of clients who strive to incorporate non-invasive, non-pharmacologic approaches to their health and wellness.  In addition, she has years of experience working with competitive athletes of all ages and all levels from the elite professional to the recreational amateur, in team, individual, multi-sport and ultra-endurance sporting events.    





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